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Our recruitment services are our foundation stone that has driven our success. We plan our recruiting services to meet each client’s special demands. This way Yesawork presents a unique experience.


​Yesawork is the preferred platform of professionals for finding job opportunities in the e-commerce, global e-commerce, and international trade sector in Turkey. We provide access to job seekers so that they can reach top companies from the industry. In this way they can get the job they covet and pursue a rewarding career.


Job Search Services

Do you know that you can get a job easily with our job search services? Most people find it hard to get the latest job offers in their categories due to delayed information or getting limited information about the job. To solve these problems, we have coordinated our

services to involve fresh job vacancies from the employers directly with all the necessary information one needs to know to get that job.

We create a first-class experience for job seekers looking for new opportunities, and we regularly update our records to remove jobs that

are no longer available. Our services are set in such a way that we have areas of expertise where job seekers can look enthusiastically for jobs in a specific field. So, whether you’re looking for a job or you want to change your career path, we got your back and can provide you the necessary help you need.


Whether you are interested in employment abroad or prefer to be employed at local establishments, our vast business network enables you to find, apply for, and get the job you’ve always wanted! From start-ups, midsize businesses to multinational conglomerates and whether you want to work in services that are business-to-business or business-to-consumer, you get to choose your preferred set-up and domain. Sales and marketing, software solutions and technical support, supply chain and logistics management, customer service, accounting and finance services, legal services, or any other field of specialisation are waiting for you in the fast-growing global e-commerce industry. So, go ahead and get your foot into the door at your dream company and to boost your career with the help of Yesawork!

How do our job search services work?

We arrange application requests under well-structured categories in popular industries and we work with top companies. So, you can go through any category of your choice and select any job of your preference.

Job seekers must create a profile to gain direct access to a wide range of specialized job-hunting information resources so they can access all advertised/non-advertised jobs on our platform.

Then, job seekers can apply to any job they find that fits their qualifications and work experience all with the click of a button. We guarantee an easy and safe process without stress.

Why our service is the best for you?

Our career management service is the best in the industry and can make a huge difference in your job hunting processes because we have many connections with top companies, so we’re giving you direct information and access for getting that job of your choice.

We also ensure that you apply for the roles that fit your CV.

Job applicants can find their target job ads in any of our categories and achieve a successful transition to their new job with our help.

We also go beyond posting job ads as a recruitment agency and we establish close relationships with our clients which makes the communication most efficient.

Our area of expertise

We offer job search services for the following field of expertise

  • E-Commerce

  • Global ecommerce

  • Sales and Marketing

  • International trade

We are committed to delivering high-quality accurate jobs, so you won’t have to wait long for an interview invitation.

Create that job search that is tailored to your specific needs with us today, and we would deliver high-quality content that fits and matches your purpose.

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• Career growth assistance

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Find your new job with Yesawork recruitment consulting

Yesawork can offer you access to career opportunities within a wide range of Turkish and multinational companies both in Turkey and in the worldwide. Yesawork has the expertise especially in the following areas; global e-commerce, domestic e-commerce, international trade, sales and marketing.





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Job Searchers

Are you making a career plan to work in the rapidly growing e-commerce sector? You are in the right place to get information about the sector and find answers to your questions about making a career in this field.

To start e-commerce three main integrated systems should be built that work together. These systems are online store, stock database and an online system for shipping operations for providing the fastest shipping of products. These systems offer career opportunities to many different professionals, from e-commerce coordinators to account managers, supply chain experts to software engineers. You can apply the knowledge and expertise you will gain about improving customer experience in the e-commerce sector to other sectors, and you can be one of the talents who make a difference in the sector you are working at.

You can use and develop your creativity in constantly evolving and changing e-commerce sector. While keeping yourself up to date about technologies, you can create new opportunities for yourself in your career.

Regardless of your expertise, it will be the right choice to continue your career in e-commerce. You can advance your career thanks to the rapid growth in the sector and growth of e-commerce departments of companies.

Send us your CV. Complete your job search process in the easiest way possible with Yesawork expertise. Let us help you find the company that suits your career plan best with our international network.

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