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Yesawork is the trusted recruitment partner of companies from the e-commerce, global e-commerce, and international trade sector in Turkey. We assist organisations in their recruitment processes.


Do not channel your resources into the recruitment process but channel them into bringing top global talents together.


A vital factor for every business to succeed is to have the ability to attract and retain top talents in different fields. This is an area of profession most business people lack and also the reason why businesses do not grow at the pace they expect. We can help you fix that with our expertise in the recruitment services.


Our services provide high-quality professionals with a mindset to offer services that meet your qualifications, and also analyse the needs of your business. We are your one-stop-shop for getting qualified professionals you need. All you need to do is share your ideas, recruitment plans, and business objectives with us, and we’ll take it from there.


Yesawork uses its internationally mobile global pool of talents to identify needed candidates with minimal strain on organizational resources. Such a recruitment agency will also expedite hiring processes using an efficient structure that makes intensive paperwork seamless. This is where we play a vital role in the affairs of corporate establishments. We are experts at hiring the right people for your business as our team follows a well-structured dynamic procedure that involves identifying your preferred choice, making an elaborate plan, and concluding the recruitment process. We ask you to share your organizational objectives and recruitment plans with us. With our efficient and cost-effective system and established networks, we identify and connect qualified talents and conduct the interview processes that you lead.


We are not in the market to recruit anybody for your team. We work to find the perfect match based on your qualifications. This is one of the various reasons why businesses decide to choose our services. We analyse candidate profiles against all standard requirements within the limited time and resources using our forward-thinking approach and efficient systems.


Connecting ambitious employers and employees worldwide

When your business starts to expand in its market, several challenges emerge. These challenges include international staffing and finding the right skill set for your international projects. These processes require complex logistic procedures involving visas, finance, work permits, and international travel. 

Yesawork is a leading international staffing company helping people find jobs and employers fill open positions. We provide staffing solutions to businesses of all sizes with long-term contracts.

We specialize in recruitment in the field of e-commerce, including global e-commerce, international trade, and sales and marketing. 

How it works

At Yesawork, we create a talent pool pertaining to various fields of specialisation from the e-commerce industry. This enables us to connect you to qualified professionals to assist you based on your staffing requirements. Our process involves understanding your hiring needs so we can identify candidates who are suitable not only for a specified job position but also for your organisation. We provide you access to skilled and experienced talents, help you shortlist and select applicants for interviews, conduct background checks and assist you with the implementation of your hiring plan. Our industry-related expertise and know-how of the recruitment processes make finding high-quality team members a stress-free experience for your business. Whether you want to hire full-time or part-time employees, freelance specialists, or contractual workers — from Turkey or across the globe — we got you covered. Our efficient and effective workforce solutions are customised to your business. We assist all sizes and types of companies from micro, small, medium to large. We have a global reach which makes it possible for us to help you quickly find and add members to your workforce in any part of the world. So, go ahead and start getting help from our hiring services for achieving your business goals.

Identification of Hiring Needs

The hiring process often begins with the identification of vacancies in your organization. This is preceded by understanding and assessing job descriptions based on needed skills, knowledge and experience. Before specifying descriptions of the job, you can determine employment needs by analysing your teams' performances, personalities and abilities.


To figure this out more easily, you can track your team's performance weighing input versus output. You can consider if there is growing workload that may require fresh skills and experiences. Start with analysing your employees' performances to discover gaps in skills, qualifications and technical know-how. Your hiring process begins as you start to discover these gaps. We have proven and reliable expertise in identification of hiring needs and for that reason we would like to start the recruitment process with these analyses.

Are you an employer looking to recruit?

Meet talented professionals who will help your business grow

With many years of experience in the market, we are now a partner with many multinational companies, establishing and expanding their businesses in all continents. Our international recruiters deliver our unified global approach paired with our local expertise.

We can assist you on international solutions, from searching and selection to headhunting and RPO. Efficiency and quality are keys to our staffing strategies.

Search and Selection

We specialize in the recruitment of qualified professionals, ensuring efficient and timely service. After a detailed analysis of the job profile and your organizational context, our HR consultants come up with a personalized recruitment approach for you. We also help in the final selection of the candidate by checking references and using impartial comparison tool.

Resident Overseas

With our Resident Overseas service, you can create your own global network of professionals. You can use this service to search for and select manpower in any target country. These employees use their knowledge of the local market and culture and support your company's development abroad.

Market Analysis

Market analysis provides a comprehensive look at the target market and your needs in terms of functions and roles. Our advisors can help identifying and analysing your competitors in the targeted markets. We can map all roles, find compensation trends, and other guidelines for your organization.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Being labour market experts, we’re your best strategic staffing partner. We can handle partial or the whole recruitment process thanks to our expertise, experience, and deep knowledge of your industry. Our HR consultants can find valuable resources for your business that help you achieve tangible success.


Reasons to work with us

Simplified talent search

Tailor-made hiring strategy

Candidate screening

Industry expertise

Enough experience to select the right candidate for your team after having years of work experience in the market.

Global reach (international & local staffing options)

A professional team of consultants who conduct the recruitment process to pick the right candidate from any part of the world.

Excellent customer support

Yesawork is known for long term partnership  and high quality of service. So, we will not just pick any candidate to offer to our clients. We follow a well-designed recruitment process to pick the best among the rest.

High-quality recruits

In order not to compromise our service quality, our team consists of industry specialists who give approval on each candidate before they are recruited.


Outstanding sourcing process

We do not just work with the best specialists; we have also developed concrete strategies that will help us find the best talent in the market for your business.

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E-commerce means new opportunities for all companies. You don't need to be a conglomerate to start e-commerce. Even if you are a small enterprise, you can make your sales from online platforms with low costs and risks. You can develop the right strategies in a short time and determine the fastest way to grow your business with the quick feedbacks you will receive about the customer experiences and the sales reports you will receive daily.

The systems you need to build to start e-commerce are online merchandising, stock database, online delivery management. You can increase your business volume by integrating these systems which speed up your processes by taking advantage of new technologies without high costs.

In Turkey, e-commerce volume grew 64 percent in 2020 compared to the first six months of 2019. Most significant increases were observed in the trade volume in the food and supermarket, chemicals, domestic appliances and mother and baby products sectors. Thus, the rapidly developing e-commerce industry in the last 20 years has become even more important due to the pandemic crisis. Contact us to reach more customers to provide safe services, and to open up to foreign trade with our experience in the e-commerce sector.                       

With Yesawork Consulting Services, you can integrate e-commerce processes to your business in the easiest possible way. Increase your income in the emerging and expanding markets. Our goal is to ensure that you reach the financial targets we will set together as quickly as possible. Contact us for detailed information about our services.

If you are looking for professionals to work in this field, we can help you. Let us help you manage your recruitment process and find new talents who can make a difference in e-commerce sector.

Contact us for more information about our recruitment services, how we can help you with our industry experience and global connections.

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